Modification CentreAuthorised Auto Modification Centre

Many vehicle modifications are required by law to undergo inspection form an authorised inspection centre such as Coughrans Auto before they are deemed road worthy. 

Getting caught without a correctly plated vehicle that does not comply to Queensland road standards could cause you significant headaches if inspected by authorities or in the unfortunate incident of an accident. 

A vehicle without appropriate modification plates may not be covered by your insurance company in such an event. 

Modifications can enhance performance, suit a specialised purpose or establish an unforgettable road identity. If you need a vehicle modification plate contact our technicians to book your vehicle in.

What happens during a Modification Inspection at Coughrans Auto Centre Toowoomba?

The vehicle will be inspected and approved to safety and roadworthy standards by a qualified ECMSC examiner; if the vehicle is found compliant, ECMSC will issue the modification plate.

Some common vehicle modifications include:
  • Engine changes
  • Ute Tray-Back changes
  • Light and Indicator replacement
  • Seating Capacity
Things to Remember:
  • A modification plate can only be obtained from an authorised examiner.
  • To apply for a Modification Plate license, a mechanic must be qualified and active for no less than ten years. All mechanics must pass a strenuous examination process before achieving a license.

Safety First

Our highly trained, dedicated team of mechanics and support staff love what they do. Their passion is to create safe, well maintained vehicles for people who prefer excellence in service and support.