Brake and ClutchBrake & Clutch Repairs

The braking system in your car is one of the most important safety components, allowing you to slow down, stop, avoid potential accidents and keep your car stationary when parked.

There’s a lot more to the braking system than just brake pads, and it’s vital that you get the entire system checked regularly to ensure your family travels safely.

Our experienced technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and can advise you on any necessary repairs. This ensures the best possible car performance and safety for you and your family. We use only the most trusted brands of brake pads and brake components.

The brake system should be checked at every service and not be interfered with by anybody who does not have the appropriate skills and experience. Brake repairs should only be carried out by a qualified mechanic.

A typical brake service would include:
  • Check disc brake and or drum shoe wear levels
  • Replace front and rear pads/shoes if necessary
  • Inspect brake fluid levels and check braking system components
  • Road test vehicle to check that brakes are operating correctly

Some common brake issue that you may have encountered that should alert you to the need for a bake inspection

Noisy Brakes? 

Brakes should operate with a minimal amount of noise, however some noise is normal, but excessive squeal, screech, grinding, groaning or banging means that your brakes need attention. There are many varying factors that can contribute to noise including vehicle application and driving style.

Does your steering wheel vibrates excessively when braking?

If the brake pedal, steering wheel or the entire vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when the brakes are applied, then the disc brake rotors may need resurfacing. More serious problems such as a loose component or a faulty steering mechanism can also cause vibration. 

If either of the above tell tail signs of warn of faulty brake components are present on your daily comment please contact our friendly team for an over the phone estimate quote and recommendation Ph: 4632 7166

Clutch Repairs & Maintenance

Prevent Gearbox Repairs
Without a clutch, driving your manual car would be quite problematic and near impossible for most.

As your clutch wears it gradually becomes more difficult to change gear (you may hear your gearbox from grinding) and you will notice it slipping. 

A clutch that is slipping will cause your vehicle to slow down even when the motor is working hard which can make measurable difference in fuel economy. The worse your clutch gets the more it begins to impact on the connected components of your vehicle eventually if untreated will impact your wallet.

New Clutches

In most circumstances an of the shelf clutch replacement from one of our quality parts suppliers will be the perfect solution for your worn clutch.

As with most car related scenarios prevention is better than cure and is far less expensive than replacing the entire component. Our team can periodically inspect your vehicle looking for noises, oil leaks and worn components that will keep your car on the road and the bank balance happy. 

If it has a clutch we can fix it!
  • Clutch repairs & overhauls
  • Light Commercials
  • All makes and models catered for
  • Sports & performance upgrades

Don't trust your car to anyone but the best. Contact the team at Coughrahbs Auto Centre Toowoomba from the safety and security of having the job done right the first time. 

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Safety First

Our highly trained, dedicated team of mechanics and support staff love what they do. Their passion is to create safe, well maintained vehicles for people who prefer excellence in service and support.