ExhaustToowoomba Exhaust Specialist Centre

Your exhaust system health plays a vital role in your vehicle's power efficiency and if not maintained properly safety as well. 

A healthy Exhaust system will increase the power and efficiency of your vehicle where a cracked and damaged system that leak is dangerous for yourself and passengers while at the same time reducing your car's power output. 

Coughrans are specialist installations, modifications, custom work, restoration, repairs and replacements for standard systems and specially made to order, meaning that you’ll always get the muffler and exhaust system that’s perfect for you and your specific application

Coughrans Auto Centre Toowoomba not only specialise in quality mufflers, high performance custom exhaust systems, custom exhaust headers and custom extractors, but we also cater for the family vehicle by having most popular mufflers & exhaust system parts in stock for most makes and models. Replacing mufflers & exhaust systems can be done while you wait in some cases. 

Have you accidentally mounted a gutter lately and your car now sounds different (louder)? You most likely have a hole in your exhaust system. Small cracks and leaks are an easy fix for our qualified and experienced technicians. 

Book in your car for a new exhaust system. Call: 4632 7166

Safety First

Our highly trained, dedicated team of mechanics and support staff love what they do. Their passion is to create safe, well maintained vehicles for people who prefer excellence in service and support.